With nearly 50,000 agents in Atlanta’s market HOW does The WOW Team outperform the competition?  It occurred to me that for the past 20+ years we have been hugely successful in Real Estate through all the ups and downs cycles. How do we continue to be hugely successful? 

First of all we are passionate about our service.  Passion will drive you forward through thick and thin. When you love what you do you are consistently creative, and willing to get the job done. We re-create ourselves as the market conditions change in order to give our clients the best exposure (for listings) and best chance in ‘winning the bid’ when housing  inventory is low. If you want more information on our ‘secrets to successful bids’ click here to contact The WOW Team.

Secondarily but equally important… We deliver a WOW experience; This means we are willing to travel the journey with our clients and go over and beyond in the process. 

So let’s look at what consumers do in todays market;

A) They Go Online… Zillow and other sites

B) Visit Open Houses

C) Drive around and call on For Sale signs

What they are NOT aware of is …

A)            Zillow and other internet sites get the information late so in a tight market homes are often UNDER CONTRACT BEFORE they even hit Zillow; the 1st place the listing goes is the multiple listing service and then from there it filters down to the internet sites… which could be 1-4 days 

B)            Most agents have and Open Houses  after it has been on the market for awhile and the seller requests that they try an Open House. 

C)            Sign calls … Again these homes are ON market because they haven’t sold and they haven’t sold in a Sellers market for a reason.  You will see fewer of our signs because they are SOLD!

Here at The WOW team we do things differently.  FOR BUYERS;

A)            We Network…. With over 20yrs in the business we have experience with most of agents in our market area.  Our relationship allows us to call them and network to see what they have coming on the market soon or 

     B.)We sit down during the Buyer consultation and conduct an holistic approach to discern their priorities.  We drill down on what is most important and why. This allows us an opportunity to conduct a Letter campaign to targeted homes NOT on market. 

 (We know there are folks sitting down at the kitchen table right now discussing what needs to get done before hiring an agent to sell their home.)   

C.) We also know there is opportunity in calling expired listing from last year for our buyers in search of a home in a tight market.  You see many of these may have taken the year to cure defects, repaint or otherwise get ready to re market in the coming months. 

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