The entire process was insanely easy

“The WOW team is extremely impressive in terms of service and professionalism.  We are so grateful to have found Janet, Diane, and Michelle!
My family used to live in Johns Creek but moved across the world to Singapore in 2015.  We had been renting out our home, and we had been toying with the idea of selling the property for quite some time. Since we had worked with Diane as a buyer’s agent years before, we contacted her, and she always provided us with comps for our area with no pressure to list.
When we did decide to list our property, Janet stepped in to help us, and we couldn’t have done it without her.  Our tenants were in the process of moving out, and we didn’t even have someone to give back the deposit or collect the keys. On top of that, there were issues with the house that we knew about, but we had no idea who to call or how serious the problems were.  We were also having an issue with our previous property manager as she was not returning our tenant’s deposit, and we had stopped working with the company six months earlier.
Janet helped to solve all of these issues.  We had not even signed a listing agreement with her yet, and she told us that she would go over to our house and collect the keys from the tenant on their move-out day.  Likewise, she inspected the house for problems, and she was able to recommend someone to make repairs who was able to start on our projects THAT WEEK!  She was even prepared to go knock on our previous property manager’s door in order to get our tenant’s deposit for us!  (She didn’t have to do that, luckily, but at least we knew we could have her do this if we needed to!)
As work was being completed, Janet always sent us pictures, and she was always willing to Facetime with us early in the morning so that we could talk. (There is a 12-13 hour time difference between the US and Singapore.)  We also found her action item lists helpful which clarified what tasks everyone was responsible for along the way.
Diane assisted with showing our property and holding an open house.  She contacted us each day to explain how it went, and as luck would have it, we didn’t even really need the open house because our house had a great offer 24 hours after listing!
The closing was very smooth, and the entire process for us was insanely easy because of help from the WOW team!
Thank you guys so much!  We will recommend you guys to all of our family and friends, and we will be sure to use you again when we decide to move back to the USA!!!”

— Lindsey & Blake Stetson